January 29, 2013


I flew balloons and soared to moons
to show you my devotion,
as people stared my soul I bared
and called you across the ocean.
With billowed sail on comet's tail
we cruised the skies to Heaven,
by crystal streams in midnight dreams
I whispered of eleven.

You flew the nest and passed the test
a Princess there in waiting,
I crowned you Prince in pastures green
with lonely clouds abating.
I challenged Thor at legend's door
and begged the muses' blessing,
in secret tryst your hand I kissed
eternal love confessing.

Peter Pan had Neverland
to hide you from your sadness,
my sonnet's rhyme left you sublime
I wrote in love's great madness.
I laughed and cried, reversed the tide
and lit the skies above you,
I whispered, roared, and reaped reward
to see you say : I Love You.

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