January 29, 2013

Thє Pєrfєct Mαη

He's reserved and not a extrovert,
Society would say.
He has no classy attributes,
To help him on his way.

He's not a fancy dresser,
And quite simple,  trimmed and neat.
With standard clothes but stylish shoes,
He wears upon his feet.

He doesn't belong to high society,
Or drive a shiny car.
And when he takes vacations,
He does not go that very far.

He doesn't dine on fine cuisine,
To him fast food's is sweet,
And he may just use a plastic fork,
When it's time to eat.

He has a modest little house,
But may have all of what he needs.
He keeps his lawn cut nice and short,
And would even trims his weeds.

He works long hours at his job,
To make an average pay.
And even if he's sick or tired,
He goes to work each day.

His job NO LESS a  trying job,
His pay will make ends meet.
But a few good friends and family,
Makes his life complete.

He's not well versed in poetry,
Theater or the arts.
And spirituality is new to him,
That he  would constantly impart.

He loves the simple things in life,
For riches doesn't thirst.
He knows what is important,
Is home and family.. first.

The wealth that God could give him,
To treasure in his life,
Would be a loving son or daughter,
And a very special wife.

He has no large amounts of  money,
And his life is not a show,
But if he had these blessings as such
He would be the richest man I know.

To others he's a simple man,
And fame he's never had,
But he could be the greatest man ,
I  could have ever known..
A man i would be proud to have.

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