February 25, 2013


Tell me what would you do

If things had got so complicated

That the lies become true

And the things that made us, now just tear us apart

The feeling you once loved, now rips out your heart

Can we back it up

Back to when we were alive, no worries

We could take our time, no hurry

Things were looking right, not blurry

The future seemed to shine, not dirty

It's all recorded

Our fate is predetermined

There's no orchestra

The world keeps turning

Every day I'm learning that my life

Is a memory of a time when things were right

Can we back it up

Back to when we were alive, no worries

We could take our time, no hurry

Things were looking right, not blurry

The future seemed to shine

go, go, just go ,  Runaway from love runaway from love , go, just go , just go 

Runaway from love runaway from love go..


Your eyes they tell me something that you could never fake
What are we mixed up in, it's too little too late

Back to where we started, do you believe in fate?

February 24, 2013


 People have twisted and hated on that word for so long. I think love to me is a beautiful thing. The people that hate love or are afraid I believe, haven't been truly loved in their lives. Love to me is a beautiful thing. Unconditional love does not judge, does not slander, and does not control. To truly love someone is to love without borders and with pure compassion. Have you noticed even if you have been hurt in love, betrayed, lied to, cheated what have you the heart is STILL EAGER to love again. Admit it to yourself or not. We all want to be loved. We all want to place ourselves in a comforting place and let go completely. Compassionate love doesn't come around quite often, especially with these times. Love is the ruler of the world, the drive to everything, to anything. I'm in love with love. Safeguarded, but very much in love with the idea. 


You only see what your eyes want to see
 How can life be what you want it to be?
 You're frozen, when your heart's not open.

But it really fits to me

Are You?

Breaking into the world with docile behavior 
Vomiting from the smell of trash 
Even the breath I breathe is dreadful 
It feels unbearable -- Are you scared? 

There is sufficient probability the world will be destroyed 
Your weak souls will squirm
 Everything will be stained with crimson -- Are you scared?

For the fools who have the nerve to investigate
I will leave no record of their interference

When the dust scatters there will be destruction
At any moment I can sever your breath
Although you stubbornly keep breathing
This must be the trivial world
I'm not sure what will become of it

The world will panic from the attack
I lose interest in the scenery and cause an uproar
Having to look for trash within trash is a surprise
Everything will be stained in crimson -- Are you scared?

We'll cut the given numbers
Your selfish arguments are unnecessary

I commend you for your challenging attempt with your mortal life
But I'll surely be behind you at any moment
Expert hands will lead you to your destination
My prediction was right. This is the trivial world
I'm not sure what will become of it 


I'm safe, but I'm a little outside
I'm gonna laugh, when I'm buried alive.
 I'll dig you up With shovel in hand, Toss away despair 
follow your command.
The things reflected in my eyes have no meaning
The things that could not be reflected in my eyes, do not exist. 
If you don't understand my silence, you'll never understand my words.
Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man.
So, just kill me already.

Darkened skin,
Afraid to see,
Open lips,
Keep smiling for me

February 18, 2013


Illusions in the air, unfulfilled dreams and a life without sharing,
 our hearts have flown and our souls have lost in a questions lagoon. 
We have fell in a lonely abyss and neither you and i know how we got here. 
Hitting the walls, going against the grain, its a never ending fight.
 Whats gonna happen? How its gonna end up? We will never know

I love you, But do people really change?,
 Are really things going to be the same?
it is nobody's fault,simply it is what it is
you are not the same as yesterday
you changed as I did too
broken promises
shedded tears
Illusions in the air

Nєvєr Fαlliη'

With so many things that are supposed to give you pleasure surrounding you, how could anyone be so lonely and unfulfilled.
All these things around me that superficially would seem to bring me pleasure,  have just made the numbness worse and noticeable through my soul. 
These demons are fighting for me and even fighting each other over my soul. Of course these things look enticing, but my soul is not swayed.
My soul will win with innocence.
In the end all of these things will destroy themselves with the chaos they create. They will all fall away from me and fade out of my life. I will be left just how I started, Innocent.
And when you make it through the storm, you have only yourself to judge. If you can accept and carry yourself through the midst of fire. You will be born again.. in a sense..... Innocent.

February 16, 2013

〄 ㈥

Like the quickening of the blood, the pure heart energy of our fires. River rushing through the blackest night, moon in eclipse..still turning, burning towards absolute tranquility of dawn. Onwards a vibrate yearning in our veins that flickers between dimensions and time tears at the limits of our dreams and desires

February 15, 2013

Hєαяts A Mє§§

Pick apart the pieces of your heart
Let me peer inside
Let me in where only your thoughts have been
Let me occupy your mind.. as you do mine

You've lost, too much love
to fear, doubt, and distrust  {not enough}
You just threw away the key  {to your heart}
You don't get burned  {'cause nothing gets through}
It makes it easier {easier on you}
That much more difficult for me
To make you see

Your heart's a mess
You won't admit to it
It makes no sense
But I'm desperate to connect
And you... can't live like this

Love ain't safe
You won't get hurt if you stay chaste
So you can wait
But I don't wanna waste..... my love...

Your heart's a mess
You won't admit to it
It makes no sense
But I'm desperate to connect
And you .....can't live like this


" "

“People praise you for what they suppose is in you,
but you must blame your soul for what you know is in you." -Abn-Tal


What does 'freedom' mean?
Does the eagle want to swim in the sea, Restricted by the sky?
Does the fish want to dance on the wind, Not enough river to explore?

Yet the sky is freedom for the bird 
but death for the fish
The sea is wide for the fish but will engulf the bird.
We ask for freedom but freedom to do what? We can only express our nature as it was created.
The prayer mat of the earth is freedom
 Freedom from slavery to other than the One
Who offers an shoreless ocean of love to swim in
A horizon that extends to the next life,
Yet we chose the prison and call it freedom....?

February 4, 2013


So just stay with me
Don't give up on me
Don't turn me away
I'll hold your hand in mine
Until the end, the end of time

Will you lose your hold on me someday?
Will my smile fade in a flood of tears
Or can you keep those fears at bay?

Echoing, distant voices
Wither into silence.

But theirs one thing that 
will never age..

My love for you is T i m e l e s s

Pain that won't heal
Sadness that you feel

A future we cannot see
All happiness find meaning in the story
In time the clouds will clear away

So just stay with me
Don't give up on me
Don't turn me away
I'll hold your hand in mine
Until the end, the end of time



Drowning memories stepped in crime down the sea
He went out once more on an endless journey
Even if the fierce wind blew away his smile
He has courage in his heart
That Someday he shall meet his dream

Because you are someone
who would smile despite being hurt,
right now, without contemplating,
I want to gently warm your heart

I want to keep gazing at you
like a white lighthouse
casting its light
to the end of the sea

I wanna write forever
because that's what I see

Take all your doubts
Take all your worries
Take all your pain

Smash them all..and show you

That we can learn to love again, to mend and infuse into one another... 

-We all die. The goal isn't to live forever; the goal is to create something that will

February 1, 2013


All this time
The sun never says
To the earth
"You owe me"
What happens
With a love like that.
It lights the


writing myself to sleep..