February 24, 2013

Are You?

Breaking into the world with docile behavior 
Vomiting from the smell of trash 
Even the breath I breathe is dreadful 
It feels unbearable -- Are you scared? 

There is sufficient probability the world will be destroyed 
Your weak souls will squirm
 Everything will be stained with crimson -- Are you scared?

For the fools who have the nerve to investigate
I will leave no record of their interference

When the dust scatters there will be destruction
At any moment I can sever your breath
Although you stubbornly keep breathing
This must be the trivial world
I'm not sure what will become of it

The world will panic from the attack
I lose interest in the scenery and cause an uproar
Having to look for trash within trash is a surprise
Everything will be stained in crimson -- Are you scared?

We'll cut the given numbers
Your selfish arguments are unnecessary

I commend you for your challenging attempt with your mortal life
But I'll surely be behind you at any moment
Expert hands will lead you to your destination
My prediction was right. This is the trivial world
I'm not sure what will become of it 

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