February 18, 2013

Nєvєr Fαlliη'

With so many things that are supposed to give you pleasure surrounding you, how could anyone be so lonely and unfulfilled.
All these things around me that superficially would seem to bring me pleasure,  have just made the numbness worse and noticeable through my soul. 
These demons are fighting for me and even fighting each other over my soul. Of course these things look enticing, but my soul is not swayed.
My soul will win with innocence.
In the end all of these things will destroy themselves with the chaos they create. They will all fall away from me and fade out of my life. I will be left just how I started, Innocent.
And when you make it through the storm, you have only yourself to judge. If you can accept and carry yourself through the midst of fire. You will be born again.. in a sense..... Innocent.

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