February 24, 2013


 People have twisted and hated on that word for so long. I think love to me is a beautiful thing. The people that hate love or are afraid I believe, haven't been truly loved in their lives. Love to me is a beautiful thing. Unconditional love does not judge, does not slander, and does not control. To truly love someone is to love without borders and with pure compassion. Have you noticed even if you have been hurt in love, betrayed, lied to, cheated what have you the heart is STILL EAGER to love again. Admit it to yourself or not. We all want to be loved. We all want to place ourselves in a comforting place and let go completely. Compassionate love doesn't come around quite often, especially with these times. Love is the ruler of the world, the drive to everything, to anything. I'm in love with love. Safeguarded, but very much in love with the idea. 

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